Summer 2019 – Tanzania

Rafael Contreras Gomez

“This is one of those lessons that could not have been learned in the classroom and for that, I’m grateful I was given this opportunity.”

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Shilpa Rao

“My time with gui2de this past summer allowed me to engage deeply with various aspects of Tanzanian society and culture. I am extremely grateful to have spent so much time in this incredible country interacting with such a diversity of individuals and communities.”

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Odiche Nwabuikwu

“My summer working with RISE in Tanzania was one of the most challenging and rewarding of my life. The past ten weeks were fast paced, but they also gave unique experiences I wouldn’t have anywhere else… Working in Tanzania opened me to new, amazing experiences. While it will be hard to leave and return to D.C., I’m proud of the work I did, and I’ll never forget the Dar es Salaam or the people I met here.

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Isaac Liu

“The memories I formed this summer will be unforgettable…”

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