Archive: Seminar Series – Spring 2015

A weekly seminar featuring guest speakers presenting cutting edge
research in development economics.

Lori Beaman (Northwestern)

Self‐Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali
5 February 2015

Taryn Dinkelman (Dartmouth)

The Long Run Effects of Labor Migration on Human
Capital Formation in Communities of Origin

12 February 2015

Joana Naritomi (LSE)

Consumers as Tax Auditors

19 February 2015

Rema Hanna (Harvard)

Deal with the Devil: The Successes and Limitations
of Bureaucratic Reform in India


Francois Gerard (Columbia)

Hysteresis and the Social Cost of Corrective Policies:
Evidence from a Temporary Energy Saving Program


Mark Rosenzweig (Yale)

19 March 2015

Networks and Misallocation: Insurance,
Migration, and the Rural-Urban Wage Gap


Molly Lipscomb (UVA)

26 March 2015

The Cross, the Crescent, or the Crown: An RCT Testing the
Effectiveness of Local Religious and Secular Leaders

Siwan Anderson (UBC)

16 April 2015

Legal Origins and HIV

Tavneet Suri (MIT)

23 April 2015

Diversity and Team Performance in a Kenyan Organization

Owen Ozier (World Bank)

30 April 2015

Exploiting Externalities to Estimate the Long-term
Benefits of Early Childhood Deworming

Arthur Alik-Lagrange (TSE)

7 May 2015

Work Pays: Different Benefits of a
Workfare Program in Colombia