Surveying begins!

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We have officially launched!  For the last two days our 60 enumerators, 6 team leaders, and 2 DDD staff members have been out in the field surveying women and inviting them to the video showings that begin next week.  They are off to a good start, and have almost 600 responses so far.

The first few days of any project are full of troubleshooting and phone calls between the office and the field.  The first day, Keith and Don went into Mukuru with the DDD staff to help them manage questions about the GPS units and the phones.  The rest of us stayed in the office to make any live updates that were needed on Mobenzi, the online survey platform, and to continue preparing the next round of materials to send out with the enumerators when they finish surveying in the current zone they are working in.  This has involved hand-stamping 5,000 posters advertising the showings with a personalized calendar for each treatment group, as well as sorting through and coding their admission tickets to the venues and making sure each enumerator is stocked with extra batteries and consent forms.

The enumerators will continue surveying women for the next two weeks, while we switch gears and work on getting all the equipment ready for the video showings.  This includes procurement of projectors, DVD players, and speakers.  We will also be contracting with local craftsmen, called “fundis,” to make projection screens and benches for the venues that won’t be providing them.

Stay tuned!