gui²de East Africa

Alex WendoAlex Wendo

Alex currently serves as a Senior Project Assistant for the gui2de East Africa Office in Nairobi, Kenya. His work entails training and managing field staff, providing operational and logistical support to on-going projects, conducting outreach and recruiting support from local partners. Alex has worked as a research assistant on gui2de projects since 2012. He has since worked on the implementation of several other gui2de projects in Kenya, including the School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene plus community action project (SWASH+) which tested innovative ways of improving governance and Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) in Kenyan primary schools. Alex also worked on the High Hopes project and the Zusha! national road safety campaign.


Geoffrey NyambaneGeoffrey Nyambane

Geoffrey serves as the Office Director for the newly established gui2de East Africa office in Nairobi. He is responsible for setting up policies, systems and processes that support the office operations and the research activities of Guid2de in East Africa.

Geoffrey holds a Master’s degree in Demography from the University of Nairobi and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the same institution. Previously he has worked as the project director for a large randomized control trial evaluating the impact of Wash and Nutrition interventions on the growth and development of children who are less than two years of age. He has also worked as a research manager with Bridge International Academies and the collaborative program between Kenya Medical Research Institute and the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC).

Martha MutuaMartha Mutua

Martha is currently working as a Senior Research Assistant for gui2de on a national road safety campaign dubbed Zusha!. She has worked for gui2de in Kenya under the implementing company partner Digital Divide Data for 4 years. Her work entails conducting trainings, conducting one-on-one and in-depth interviews and moderating focus group discussions. Martha has worked on various projects including Twaweza Videos-Citizen Agency in Kenya, a randomized control trial which evaluated the impact of motivational materials provided on videos in inducing citizen agency and collective action as well as SWASH+. In addition to her work for gui2de, she has a diploma in statistics and business management and she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social science and arts, concentrating in sociology from Moi University.

Sarah BaranSarah Baran

Sarah serves as the Program Coordinator for the gui2de East Africa office in Nairobi, Kenya. In this position, she supervises all activities related to the Zusha! road safety project, which seeks to empower passengers on local minibuses. She is responsible for implementing the campaign at-scale in Kenya and providing programmatic support to the project in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Sarah has been with gui2de since June 2014 and has also assisted with several other projects. She managed the SWASH+ project as well as the EMIS project which focused on capacity building within the Ministry of Education’s Central Planning Unit to collect national school census data digitally through mobile phones. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Government from Georgetown University. She has previous experience conducting field research on the role of higher education influencing democratization in Chile and conducted an evaluative analysis on Protagonizar, a microfinance institution in Argentina for the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs. In her free time, she also teaches an introductory writing course in Kamiti, a male maximum security prison in Nairobi.