COVID-19 Response – DRAFT 1

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Smart Containment with Active Learning: A Proposal for a Data-Responsive and Graded Response to COVID-19

“This multidisciplinary proposal draws on the expertise and experience of researchers and practitioners in public health, infectious diseases, epidemiology, economics, policy and public management, technology and data science as well as business & non-profit leaders. Elements of this proposal are being tested in various places – including Pakistan – where several members of the team have been actively supporting the state’s response efforts at national and sub-national levels. The proposal is intended as a living document that will be updated as more information becomes available.”

In Collaboration with Prof. Jishnu Das – April 16, 2020

India’s Response to Coronavirus Can’t Be Based on Existing Epidemiological Models

Lack of accurate models to gauge Covid-19 spread should not become an excuse for policy paralysis. There exists a framework to make policy decisions under uncertainty

By Prof. Jishnu Das – April 6, 2020

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